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Levi's overalls with Black tee, leopard mules and red crossbody purse

Levi's overalls with Black tee, leopard mules and red crossbody purseLevi's overalls with Black tee, leopard mules and red crossbody purseLevis overalls with black ruffle sleeve tee and leopard mules

Good Morning + Happy Hump Day!
How was your Labor Day weekend? I spent my entire weekend working, so yesterday and today I’m taking some time to slow down because I feel a cold coming on. [I slept 10 hours last night and it felt great]. As previously mentioned, I’m trying something new this year where I publicly publish my goals to hold me more accountable. So far its kind of working, kind of not haha. I was more on top of it when life wasn’t as full in California, but I’m still working on it now. Read below for August’s progress and you can check out my previous goal check ins:  January / February / March / April / May / June / July and my original post here.


The good:

  • I’m still absolutely loving training with Annie. I leave the gym feeling accomplished, and love knowing that a customized program is helping me reach my goals [if only nutrition was easier]
  • I only got to yoga once, but its better than nothing!
  • I finally took progress pictures again

What I need to work on:

  • With the craziness lately I’ve been a bit too lenient with my nutrition. Well that, and the fact that is was summer, and I spend time with children who eat french fries every day…. haha
  • MORE YOGA (for my body and mind)
  • Pull up practice


The good:

  • I’ve been remaining surprisingly calm about the undecided future (at least I think so) but I’m working on figuring out next steps
  • I’m still reading but I’m pretty sure its taking me 10 years to finish You Are a Badass (I’m so close!)
  • Finally back to donating, and chose to send money to a few different charities for Hurricane Harvey this month

What I need to work on:

  • stopping the comparisons


  • I traveled down to Cincinnati to move my baby sister into college and watch my best friend graduate with her Master’s (on the same day), which was fun!
  • hoping to do some smaller trips in September!

Alright friends, I think that’s about it! How are your goals progressing for the year?

xo, Maddy

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  • Reply Nikki

    All of my fitness goals have been put on hold indefinitely until my knee is better. I can’t even talk about it right now. Sounds like you are doing really well! Don’t stress about the job thing – the right thing will come along and everything will fall into place! Also, hope you get to feeling better!


    September 7, 2017 at 1:55 pm
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