2017 Goals Monthly Check In

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Can someone please tell me how in the world its May?

Is this what happens as you get older? Time seems to be running away from me. (Probably why they try to teach time management when you’re young, eh?)

I’ll admit, I didn’t do very well at hitting all my goals this month – with our Cali road trip, the cross country move, and the wedding I was in things were hectic (to say the least).

But hey, consistency not perfection. 

Now, onto goal progress!

By posting updates on my goals I hope to hold myself accountable and inspire you to keep working toward yours.  I shared my goals here – not all my goals are measurable monthly, so I will touch on the ones that are.

I think posting these monthly updates is definitely holding me more accountable to my goals, so to whoever reads this, THANK YOU. I’m being a better person because of you (in a roundabout way).

If you missed my other updates then check out the January update HERE,  the February update HERE and the March update HERE.

Fitness + Health Goals:

the good:

  • still training 5 days a week with Annie (virtually – more about that here). Feeling strong and confident in the gym and still loving it. Hoping to lean out a bit this summer and have more definition so its time to buckle down on nutrition and change up my training a bit).
  • I just took my progress photos this morning so I’m still on track there (this is the longest I have ever consistently taken progress pics)
  • we just re-adjusted my macros to fit my upcoming goals (started this morning) and I scheduled a body fat testing this week since it has been at least 7 months since my last!

what I need to work on:

  • I didn’t yoga at all this month. Lifting + teaching spin took priority (per usual). Now I’m back in GR and not teaching at the moment, so I wrote up a workout schedule for May that involves some hot yoga at my old favorite studio 🙂
  • Accidentally ate half a bagel during our road trip and I have (not accidentally) had candy a few times. Also totally forgot I gave up cookies until coming back to this post so you can bet those were consumed haha.


Life Goals:

the good:

  • I’m on track with 52 weeks of savings (again, the furthest I’ve ever gotten)
  • Launched my own wardrobe consulting company after years of thinking about it (read more here).
  • Feeling significantly better about body image/food/health etc, and very in control (which is best for me)

what I need to work on:

  • I am still working my way through both You Are A Badass and The Curated Closet.  I didn’t finish either in April but will definitely be able to in May
  • I also totally forgot about my monthly donation until right now so I’m going to do that when I finish. I’m thinking a female focused charity – comment if you know of any awesome ones!


Travel Goals:

the good:

  • we did our California coast road trip and it was awesome! I loved seeing new cities, figuring it out as we went, and of course visiting Lizzie and Kenny in San Francisco. If you didn’t see it – I did a 48 Hours in Santa Barbara post (check it out here!)

what I need to work on:

  • Sadly our cross country road trip was more of a “just push through the 16ish hours to Denver to hop on a plane” due to some changes with moving, but we made it back in time for the rehearsal dinner + wedding, which was all that mattered
  • I don’t have a ton of travel planned this summer – I’ll be in Toledo, Detroit, and Chicago at least a handful of times each and will be spending the majority of my time in West Michigan. My sister and I are potentially planning a Seattle trip for August (budget pending) so we will see.


Alright, I think that’s all for now friends. Hoping you have a wonderful Monday + I would love it if you shared some of your goals in the comments below!

xo, Maddy

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  • Reply Nikki

    Wow, I am impressed you did so well with your goals with all the travel! I did terrible. I have some injuries going on, unfortunately. But hopefully May will be better!


    May 1, 2017 at 5:45 pm
  • Reply Kate

    You’re doing better than me, that’s for sure!
    …I agree though, life is FLYING by this year!

    K A T E L A T E L Y || Fashion & Lifestyle Blog

    May 1, 2017 at 6:19 pm
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    July 10, 2017 at 10:25 am
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    October 2, 2017 at 11:14 am
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