Let’s talk about hair removal

Hair removal is a sore subject for a lot of us, literally. After all, waxing, sugaring, and other techniques can be uncomfortable, not to mention expensive + time consuming.

It’s dumb, and while there are plenty of people who choose to rock their body hair, I am not one of those. It drives me crazy when hair gets too long (but if you can rock it more power to you!) With summer right around the corner it seemed appropriate to discuss some hair removal options.  Each one has its own benefits and detriments. Knowing how and where to use each one can help you minimize your pain and maximize your results.

Shaving Unwanted Body Hair Off of Your Body

I’ll be blunt – shaving is easiest  and most cost effective, but doesn’t yield the best results.  It’s just a matter of buying the right type of razor, replacing the blades regularly, using the proper shaving gel or cream, and shaving against the direction of the hair growth. However, even when you do all of those things perfectly, the hair will only go away for a couple of days because most of it will still be sitting there below the surface, waiting to poke through. Plus we all know how common ingrown hairs and skin irritations are!

Using Lasers to Remove Body Hair

If you are looking for something a bit more drastic, but also more reliable, one of the best techniques is laser treatment. The  lasers actually target entire hairs, including the parts below the surface. In fact, some lasers can damage or destroy hair follicles (roots) to the point where regrowth could take months. Realistically you will need multiple laser treatments to achieve those kinds of results. The fact that lasers can be used on almost any part of your body is also a major benefit to thing about.

Laser hair removal has been on my to-do list for years! I know plenty of people who do it and love it so I’m thinking 2017 may be the year I finally bite the bullet…

Getting Rid of Body Hair With Depilatory Cream

An easier hair removal option is depilatory cream, which is a fancy term for cream designed to get rid of hair. It comes in roll-ons and lotion forms. There are also different formulas for certain parts of the body. So, be sure to get one that is meant for your legs, face, or whatever specific area you want to treat. Just apply it as directed and you should start to see a reduction in hair growth in the area you’re treating.

Sugaring and Waxing Body Hair Away

Both Sugaring and waxing are capable of removing many hairs down to the roots, which means that they will take a while to grow back. However, sugaring tends to be a bit more reliable than waxing. While waxing might remove hair for as little as two weeks, sugaring can get rid of it for at least double and usually triple or quadruple that length of time. Both techniques can be used on your bikini region, as well as your legs or face.

Other Hair Removal Techniques to Try

Your hair removal options don’t stop at those. Other possibilities include things like epilators, electrolysis, and threading, which is commonly used to shape eyebrows but can also be used on upper lips and other small areas. I realized just how common threading was when I lived in SoCal. Tons of people do it instead of waxing their eyebrows! (I was too afraid haha) Keep in mind that you can use at-home hand-held epilators to remove your own hair, but you will need someone else to perform threading or clinical electrolysis on you.

A final thing to consider is that there are very few rules of use when it comes to hair removal techniques. You could choose to shave one week, wax another, or make a laser treatment appointment another. You are not stuck with whatever treatment you choose. In fact, some people find that they get the best results by combining a variety of hair removal methods and tools.

Cheers to less hairy summer!

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  • Reply Leslie

    Epilating works great but it takes some getting used to. Sometimes I will epilate, then the next day I will shave my legs… They will be SUPER SMOOTH for at least 4-5 days… but then a few hairs start to emerge and I have to decide do I want to keep shaving my legs or wait for the hairs to grow a little more so I can go back to epilating.

    May 16, 2017 at 11:48 pm
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