How to: Find & Share Amazing Deals! (because who doesn’t love a good deal?)

Let’s be real here (aren’t we always?) paying full price for clothing (or really anything) is no fun. Especially since it there is always some deal, coupon code, or email sign up out there. I am a huge fan of finding ways to save money on quality items, many of which I have shared on here before. I would much rather buy a $100 pair of jeans from Banana Republic that I like than repeatedly purchase $12 ones at Forever 21 that fit poorly. But, I still don’t want to pay the full $100 for the Banana Republic ones J

Enter Dealspotr – a new website & app I recently discovered where people all over the US curate and share the deals they know about. Essentially a coupon lover’s heaven…

How It Works:

You create an account and a profile, where you can share information about yourself and your location.

dealspotr 8

From there you can begin adding deals – it can either be a certain product promotion, or a sitewide/store wide deal.

dealspotr 3dealspotr 4

dealspotr 5You receive points for every deal you add, with the amount of points varying on how popular the deal is, how much information you include, etc.

dealspottr 1

You can follow other people to see their deals, as well as follow all the deals at certain stores.

dealspotr 7

I’ll admit, the process of sharing a deal seemed like a hassle at first, but once I did a few, it became way easier. Dealspotr requires you to post an image of the deal working (example = a screenshot of the savings at checkout), and while this takes extra time to complete; I think it’s a great feature because it guarantees the coupon works.

I don’t know how many times I’ve searched for coupon codes online to find out they’re all expired, or don’t apply, or weren’t valid in the first place.

(I also won’t admit that I’ve signed up with multiple email addresses for Kate Spade to get that 15% off your first purchase…)

What’s in it for you?

Along with having access to a ton of coupons you probably didn’t know existed, Dealspotr works on a points system, so once you reach 10,000 points you receive your first giftcard!

You can use my referral link – here – to get set up! Whoop!

Tell me, what other sites/apps do you use for coupons?


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