Shop the Nordstrom Half Yearly Sale (Because I can’t!)

Big news over here my friends – I now live within 1 mile of a beautiful Nordstrom. Yes, it is actually so close I only walk there (because I’ve been on a mission to get my steps in).

But today is day 6 of a 40 day no shopping cleanse, and the Nordstrom Half Yearly Sale started yesterday. Torture really. I actually managed to walk there last night to return something and walk out empty handed. BOOM.

I may or may not have tweeted about the torture yesterday (here) and Nordstrom actually responded to me.

nordstrom tweetWhat a win!

The Half Yearly Sale is generally pretty awesome; if you remember I snagged this Rebecca Minkoff beauty there last year! So, I’ve rounded up some of my favorite picks from the sale to share with you.

I’ll be over here executing some serious self control, so please, go shopping for me 🙂


Shop the Nordstrom Sale:

trending: exaggerated sleeves

IMG_7693 IMG_7697 IMG_7699 IMG_7702IMG_7694

One of the trends popping up this spring & summer is exaggerated sleeves on everything…blouses, tees, dresses, etc. There are tons of bohemian style pieces with bell sleeves, adorable striped tops with ruffle sleeves, off the shoulder tops with awesome ruffles, flutter sleeves tees, and more. Personally, I love this trend, as it adds a little something else to basics; such as a black and white striped top or a simple pink sundress.

I am not a fan of bell sleeves – mainly because they get in my way. I’m the kind of person that always rolls up long sleeves shirts to make them 3/4 length, so having an exaggerated sleeve around my wrist drives me crazy! (Not saying they aren’t adorable on some people!)

Because of this, I tend to stick to ruffles; whether it be on an off the shoulder top (great to distract from a large bust, or play up a tiny one), or on my sleeves. (I may or may not have snagged this J.Crew factory top recently…)

This Old Navy dress (on sale for $17.50) is a great way to rock the trend without being swallowed by fabric. The sleeves are fun & playful, but the dress does come up all the way under the armpit so it is work appropriate (bonus, seeing as I’m wearing it at work as I type this!)

What are your thoughts on all the exaggerated sleeves this summer? yay or nay?

Happy Hump Day!


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giving “magic shampoo” a whirl

My friend Meagan has been raving about Monat, or “magic shampoo” (as she calls it) for months. So, when she reached out to me to try a sample, I was definitely intrigued. I wanted to know what all the hype was about!

I’ve heard that it works wonders for damaged hair, so I was curious to see how it would affect mine. My hair is pretty healthy overall, I’ve never dyed it, and I don’t use heat on it more than 1-2x a week. But, I do swim laps, and chlorine damages your hair (our new apartment pool isn’t chlorine though…I’m thinking bromine!) The one complaint I have is those tiny fly away hairs – as you can see in my before photos – I have a lot of them coming off of my hair!

Here’s my hair before (don’t mind my outside the gym photos…and the fact that I didn’t brush it…life has been CRAZY):

IMG_2609 IMG_2610 IMG_2607

Meagan sent me a sample of the Renew Shampoo and the Revitalize Conditioner, along with instructions for optimal use. I was worried I would mess it up haha, so I actually placed the instructions outside the shower…but it ended up being pretty simple. I did take a bit longer shower than normal making sure I gave the shampoo and conditioner adequate time to work their magic!

The biggest difference I noticed was how smooth my hair felt immediately afterward. It was wonderful! My after pictures were actually taken two days after I used the Monat products, and my hair still felt amazing. While I still do have some fly-aways, I think there are substantially less after using the Renew Shampoo & Revitalizing Conditioner just once.

Here are my after pictures (I did actually brush & style my hair a bit this time):

FullSizeRender (1)FullSizeRender (2)FullSizeRender

If you’ve been wanting to revitalize your hair for a while, I would definitely get in contact with Meagan at She’s your gal for all Monat products!

PS. Monat products are: cruelty free, gluten free, vegan and botanically based products & Made in the USA. Boom!

Have a happy Monday everyone & make sure to stop back later this week. I’m sharing one of my FAVORITE (& super popular) recipes 🙂


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All leopard print is NOT created equal

leopard print sandals

exact sandals: HERE  (and ON SALE!!)

I’ll admit it, I LOVE leopard print items. (Especially shoes). But I often find it is one of those patterns that either looks really great or really horrible, and people can be afraid to wear it.

Today I wanted to break it down for you and talk about how to wear leopard print, what pieces to wear, and what pieces to avoid. I’m going to use the phrase “less than classy” to describe bad leopard print, instead of another not so nice word.

Personally, I believe leopard print should remain in the accessories – belts, shoes, bags, boots and bracelets, are all safe. Unless you’re wearing a platform stiletto, you can avoid looking “less than classy” by keeping your accessories leopard print.

I have worn a leopard print shirt before (here) – but it was a snag from the Target kid’s section, and definitely not the most mature top.

I believe it is okay to wear a leopard print clothing, AS LONG THE COLORS ARE MUTED. for example, I have a black and gray leopard print winter coat (here),a muted pencil skirt (here) , and a cardigan (here) – the muted gray and black tones keep it from looking “less than classy”. Last winter LOFT had a really pretty navy muted leopard print coat (also safe!)

Leopard print I believe you should stay away from:

  • anything skintight, short dresses, pants, leggings, platform stilettos, etc.

Leopard print tends to mix quite well with the following:

  • red
  • black
  • black and white patterns
  • denim
  • burgundy/wine
  • olive/army green
  • cobalt/royal blue

PS. Now that I’m looking back – it appears I broke my own rules with this jacket.

See below for examples:

leopard flats in London

leopard print clutch and distressed denim

navy skirt burgundy heels and leopard clutch yellow cardigan floral top and leopard heels

army vest and leopard booties Grid Print Dress and Leopard Heels leopard clutch blue heels and white jeans leopard flats & army jacket leopard heels chambray and burgundy skirt Nine West Leopard Print Bootiesplum blazer and leopard clutch

blush moto jacket and leopard print booties

Original posts:

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I would love to hear your thoughts on how to style leopard print – definitely share in the comments.

Have a great day!


Anything but basic

IMG_7274IMG_7277 IMG_7276 IMG_7275

My tip for getting dressed?

Let details transform your outfit. At the core, this outfit it pretty simple – white top, skinny jeans, sneakers & a cross body bag. But, unique details on each individual piece make this outfit anything but basic. The lace and embroidery details take this from a plain white top to a gorgeous summer blouse, the tassels on the tan purse add a playful vibe, and the distressing on the jeans adds the element of casual. When shopping, look for pieces that have a little “something” else going on, or find a few key accessories to elevate your simple outfits.

This top is from TJ Maxx, but I’ve linked some similar ones below.

Tell me, what is one of your tips for getting dressed?


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Yes, you CAN re-wear statement pieces

IMG_6974 IMG_6973 IMG_6971 IMG_6970 IMG_6968

Are you sick of seeing this Banana Republic floral print yet? If so, never fear, today is the last outfit featuring these florals for a while. But, I specifically shared every single outfit for a reason. Can you guess why?

To show you how to re-wear and re-style your favorite pieces!

Clearly I do not have the budget to purchase an item, wear it once and move on. And, even if I did, I still wouldn’t do so. I’m here to show you all realistic, affordable, everyday style. Yes, some days I wear outlandish items, but overall I want to inspire you to create a closet and style you love (on a budget you can afford). So, here I am rocking this blazer again…with the Nikes that got me through the winter & spring.

Based on the bottom half of my outfit, this a more casual way to wear half of my floral suit. I actually wore this to a friend’s birthday dinner back in March. I love this floral print pair with black and white stripes (if you can’t already tell from Wednesday’s post), and bright pink!

Here are the 3 other ways I’ve worn the floral pieces so far:

Banana Republic Floral Suit Collage

Next, I’m challenging you! Find one of your statement pieces, and see if you can create 1 or 2 more outfits from it. You’d be surprised what you can come up with…don’t be afraid to mix patterns 🙂

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend. This is my first full weekend in Cali after all the traveling and moving craziness and I cannot wait!


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dream big & step into your danger zone

IMG_7281I read this great post from Meagan a few weeks ago that really resonated with me. It was inspired by her second grade daughter and what she had learned at school that day. To quote directly from Meagan, “there are three zones we can operate in: the comfort zone, the risk zone, and the danger zone. “

As you can imagine, the comfort zone is where we (most often) like to be. It’s safe, we know what’s going to happen, there isn’t any stress or failure. But, we don’t grow, change or challenge ourselves here. We’re stuck.

The risk zone is where we begin to gingerly take steps outside of that comfort zone. Maybe it’s going to a party by yourself, traveling alone, or signing up for a 5k. We are nervous and scared about this, but can definitely conquer it. Growth begins to happen here.

Lastly, there is your DANGER zone. This is the “holy shit what in the world am I doing” zone – yes, that’s how I’m going to describe it. You’re downright scared; this dream of yours could be amazing or it could crash and burn. But, the best part about this zone is that the greatest risk = greatest reward. And, even if you fail – there is always a lesson learned.

This post spoke to me, as moving to California is definitely in my danger zone. I wrote a quick post about it on Instagram here if you want to check it out. I’m already here, but I’m definitely scared. Unfortunately, I tend to worry about the worst possible thing that can happen, so my mind races with worries of hating my job, not making any friends, getting trapped under a building in an earthquake (extreme, I know), etc. What I should do (and I am working on as of yesterday haha) is focusing on all the good. (Cause there is SO much). I saw this quote last week and have decided to make it my mantra.

“The state of your life is no more than a reflection of your state of mind.”

 Moving to Cali is a new start, so I should definitely adopt a new mindset. So here’s to us – get in your danger zone, find your positive mindset, and do amazing things.



PS. This outfit could be considered in the “fashion danger zone” due to excessive print & trend mixing. Fringe, florals, stripes and ruffles. I think I may have overdone it haha.



The 3 pairs of shoes to get you stylishly through summer

I love having numerous shoe options to choose from when getting dressed, but in reality, we all know there are those token few pairs of shoes that get A LOT more wear than others. Think Nikes vs. Stilettos (at least in my world). So, to make it easier on you and your budget, I’ve narrowed it down. If I were only allowed to wear 3 different pairs of shoes from May – October is would be a variation of these three:

1.) Stylish sneaker

2.) Lace up sandal

3.) Wear everywhere wedge

All of these shoes are versatile – and by snagging them in neutral colors, you can essentially wear them with anything. Below are a few examples of me wearing all these different styles over the past 3 years!

Hope this helps inspire your shoe style this summer 🙂

Thanks for following along!


White Converse for Work wedges and polka dot dress in Chicago tan lace up sandals and white dress tan and navy wedges Nike Roshes in Paris pink wedges & white jeans Snakeskin Slip on Sneaks in Chicago Black High Top Nikes

your style guide for summer weddings

Hey Everyone!

I’m currently posting this from Moab, UT, as we make our way across the country to move to Southern California. (Whoop!)

Today I’m teaming up with The Black Tux to talk about wedding guest style, just in time for those spring & summer weddings that I’m sure are on your calendar. The Black Tux, a company that offers suit and tuxedo rentals, reminds me of Rent the Runway for men, so now there is no excuse to not look great!  I know I always want to look my best at weddings for a few reasons; 1- you never know who you will meet/run in to + 2 – you will most likely be in professional photos!

Wedding dress codes can range from casual to super formal, so The Black Tux created an awesome graphic to guide you in the right direction when choosing your wedding attire. Check it out here!

Below I’m sharing some of my favorite pieces for women & men to rock at weddings this summer.

Have a great day!




silky scarves are the new statement necklaces

IMG_7239IMG_7240IMG_7237IMG_7244 IMG_7241

…and I’m pretty happy about it.

Some awesome statement necklaces can get pretty heavy (examples here & here) so tying a silky feather-esque scarf around my neck is welcomed change. The trend right now is actually bandanas (yes, the simple red and navy bandanas that have been around for decades), but when I saw this scarf on sale at Target I decided I would start there.

There are so many trends out there, sometimes it can be overwhelming. What I find helpful is to pick a few per season that you want to try – then find budget friendly versions! (Luckily bandanas are super affordable!)

 I will definitely be picking up a bandana; I’m imagining my summer (off-duty) uniform will consist of jean shorts, V-neck tees & sandals, so I might as well throw a bandana around my neck. Then everyone in Southern California will know I’m cool, right? 🙂

Happy Weekend – I’m flying back to Michigan tomorrow to pack up my car & begin the journey. Wish me luck.

Tell me, yes or no on the bandana/scarf trend? I want to hear your opinion!


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